How we put care into your content

Everyone’s on a healthcare journey, but each is unique. CenterWell Pharmacy® is here to help you navigate yours.

No matter the ask, our team of expert writers, medical professionals and legal reviewers work together to earn your trust and be the go-to resource for all your healthcare questions.

Meet the content team

What you see on your screen should make sense and be easy to follow. That’s where we come in. As seasoned healthcare writers, we know how to research and explain medications, medical issues and other stuff that’s important to you. As digital experts, we know how to make important tasks like filling a prescription quick and easy, so you can get what you need without the hassle.

How we write

We use plain language so you don't need a medical degree to understand the healthcare information we provide. We’ve established an accepted reading level, adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and follow stylebook standards for consistency across everything we write.

We understand how language and cultural background can inform how people read information and what they’re most curious about. That’s why we’re so data driven—we ask for our customers’ feedback and keep track of how our website and features perform.

We listen to you and make changes based on what you say you need. In doing so, we speak directly to the health and wellness issues that concern you most.

What we write

Broadly speaking, you can think of our content in 2 ways.

There’s educational content that helps you learn about treatments and ways to live healthy. This includes blog posts, drug descriptions and pharmacist tips.

And there’s operational content that empowers you to take action for your overall well-being. This includes tools that help you fill a prescription, track an order or set up a med routine.

It may seem like a lot, but it’s a small part of what we do to help you bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

Our sources and review process

Our team sifts through reputable medical journals and websites to get you the most accurate, up-to-date information. We also cite the sources we use in every article. But we don’t work alone—from start to finish, we partner with medical experts and legal advisors to help us make sure you get the information worth knowing.

Medical review

We have a team of licensed pharmacists who do more than just fill prescriptions. These experts step out from behind the counter to help us create articles about medications and medical conditions. Sometimes they write our content; other times they review articles for accuracy.

Sometimes these pharmacists even take the spotlight! In interviews, our pharmacists tell you more about what they do and why they do it—and offer their perspective on health issues that may interest you.

Legal and compliance review

We also check all our writing for quality before it goes live. After editing and proofreading, everything we write goes through a detailed review process. Business and legal experts help make sure we’re communicating the correct information.

Our final reviewers check that we’re giving you:

  • The correct material in compliance with industry regulations
  • The correct details based on your insurance plan and benefits
  • The correct contact info to get your questions answered

These reviews finalize the content you've come to trust from CenterWell Pharmacy.

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