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Learn how to travel with medications and what you should do to prepare your medications for travel.

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a person outside in severe weather
Fires, floods and other disasters can seriously disrupt your ongoing care. Find out how to be prepared in case of an emergency.
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The coverage gap is a stage of your Medicare Part D coverage when you may temporarily pay more for your medications until you reach the next stage. We’ll help you learn how to manage your costs.
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Part of maintaining a safe home is protecting yourself and your family from falls, fires and poisoning. Learn how you can start making your home a safer place today.
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Based on recent information we’ve received from manufacturers, Zantac and medicines containing ranitidine may not be available. Talk to your doctor about our recommended alternatives.
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If you are tossing out old medicine, know what disposal options are out there. Following these tips will help keep everyone in your household safe, including any children or pets.