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When a drug requires prior authorization, your health plan must approve coverage. This helps ensure your care is effective, safe and affordable. Learn more about prior authorization here.

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Woman receiving her CenterWell Pharmacy mail-order medications at home
Learn how CenterWell Pharmacy processes packages and ships your medicine straight to your home.
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Seasonal affective disorder usually happens around the same time every year when the seasons change. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatments from CenterWell Pharmacy.
high blood pressure
Keeping track of your blood pressure is important for your heart health. Know the symptoms and treatment options to help manage your blood pressure.
high-risk medicine
Your health is important. When treating any condition with high-risk medicine, it’s good to know how to take it, when to take it and what to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist.
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Over-the-counter medicine is safe and effective when you follow the provided directions. Check out these facts for common OTC medicines so you can make the right decision.