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A woman reading the label of her prescription at home
Have questions about your prescription label? We’ll show you how to read all of these lines and boxes to find the information you need.

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Woman receiving her CenterWell Pharmacy mail-order medications at home
Learn how CenterWell Pharmacy processes packages and ships your medicine straight to your home.
high-risk medicine
Your health is important. When treating any condition with high-risk medicine, it’s good to know how to take it, when to take it and what to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist.
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Over-the-counter medicine is safe and effective when you follow the provided directions. Check out these facts for common OTC medicines so you can make the right decision.
A woman looking at her CenterWell Pharmacy Rx label
The look of your medication may change sometimes. Learn why this happens and what you should do if your medication looks different.
generic medications
Generic drugs, whether equivalents or alternatives, are usually much cheaper—costing up to 80%–85% less than the brand-name options.