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Medication & Health Information
A guide to traveling with medications
Adult Vaccinations: A shot worth taking
An annual checkup can be key to staying on a healthy track
An important message about the coronavirus (COVID-19)
Avoid infection by washing your hands regularly and correctly
Benefits of an MAPD plan vs. a PDP
Benefits of vitamin D
Breast cancer awareness works
CenterWell Pharmacy is taking steps to continue to deliver your medicines when you need them
CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy delivers when it counts
CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy provides award-winning care
Clearing up the confusion about aspirin and heart health
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
Colorectal in-home screenings
Communications and other preferences
Costs of generic and alternative drugs
FedEx is now a CenterWell Pharmacy mail-delivery partner
Flexible spending accounts vs. health savings accounts
Frequently asked questions about COVID-19
Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines
Get 24/7 flu care from your couch with telemedicine
Get started with CenterWell Pharmacy
Getting rid of your unused medications
Get your preventive screenings
Go the distance with diabetes
Healthy bone habits for life
Healthy eating around the holidays
How can extreme temperatures affect my medications during shipping?
How summer temperatures may affect drugs
How to avoid food and drug interactions
How to dispose of used needles, syringes and other sharps waste
Patient financial assistance for specialty drugs
How to manage pain: tips from a CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist
How to proactively manage your stress during the holidays
How to read a prescription label
How to read your order status messages
How to save money on your prescriptions
Important information about Accu-Chek Aviva Plus and SmartView Test Strips
Important information about your Vitamin D3 5000 IU Tablets
Important information regarding VitaFusion™ Fiber Well Gummies
Important update from CenterWell Pharmacy
Insights on medication safety from Logan, CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist
Insulin savings program
Introducing CenterWell Pharmacy and CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy
Introducing the CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy Center of Excellence for Cancer
Real-time order tracking for CenterWell Pharmacy
Introducing the CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence
Introducing the Humana Neighborhood Center
Introducing the Pulmonary Center of Excellence
Learn about heart disease and statins
Learn how to pay an outstanding balance online
Learning about refills, renewals, and expired prescriptions
Live agent chat is here to help
Living with diabetic nerve pain
Managing high blood pressure with prescription medications
Medicare’s Extra Help program
Medication reminders are now available in the CenterWell Pharmacy mobile app
Meet Ahmed! A CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist
Meet Basil! A CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist
Meet Debbie! A CenterWell Pharmacy staff mail operations pharmacist
Meet Jessica! A CenterWell Pharmacy consultative pharmacist
Meet Kimberly! A CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist
Meet Linzee! A CenterWell Pharmacy clinical programs pharmacist
Meet Marcella! A CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist
Meet Aldwin! A CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist
Our pharmacists are here to guide you every day
Meet Ryan! A CenterWell Pharmacy clinical services pharmacist
National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month
Navigating the holidays with a chronic condition
Never miss a refill with text message reminders
Pick the right cold and flu medicine
Pick the right way to refill for you
Prepare for unexpected disasters with emergency readiness tips
Preparing for the Medicare Part D coverage gap
Preventing falls, fires and poisoning in your home
Preview your Medicare drug costs for 2022
Quick refills and order tracking
Important information about Zantac and medicines containing ranitidine
Safely spring clean your medicine cabinets
Show your love, get a flu shot
Sleep apnea risks
Specialty medicine explained
Start a new prescription request online
Statin medications and heart health
Stay safe this holiday season
Take advantage of automatic refills
Take the stress out of medication management
Taking your medication on time, every time
Targeted drug therapies for hepatitis C
Telehealth lets you connect with your provider from home
The burning sensation of heartburn
The relationship between sleep apnea and high blood pressure
The right dose of medicine at the right time
Transfer prescriptions to CenterWell Pharmacy before your plan starts
Transferring prescriptions is a snap with the CenterWell Pharmacy mobile app
Understanding drug formularies
Vaccinations: a shot worth taking
Vitamin safety
What is medication adherence?
What is seasonal affective disorder?
What to know about high blood pressure
What to know about high-risk medicine
What you can do to prevent skin cancer
What you might not know about adult vaccinations
What you need to know about over-the-counter medicine
Why A1c testing is important for someone with diabetes
Why does my medication look different
Why it’s important to get your COVID-19 vaccine
Why orders may get canceled
Why prior authorization, or approval, may be needed
Common causes for order delays at CenterWell Pharmacy
Your medicine’s journey—from first fill to your mailbox

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