How to fill a new Rx with CenterWell Pharmacy

Start a new prescription request online

CenterWell Pharmacy® makes it easy to fill your prescriptions online! Adding a new medication and prescriber takes just a few minutes. Plus, our website and mobile app are safe and secure, ensuring information about your medicine stays between you and CenterWell Pharmacy. 

We offer 2 ways to fill your prescriptions without having to pick up the phone.

Get started on our website

First, you’ll need to sign in or create an account. Once you’re signed in, select Fill prescriptions from the menu at the top of your screen.

To fill your prescription, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your medication name (start typing it in and we’ll do the rest)
  • The dosage or strength (e.g. 10 mg)
  • How much you take at 1 time (e.g. 1 capsule)
  • How often you take it (e.g. 1 per day)
  • Your prescriber’s name (to search for your prescriber)

The information you enter will help us estimate the cost of your drug and know who to contact for approval. 

Select Continue to check out. 

If there are lower-cost generics or alternatives for your drug, we’ll show you here—and give you the option to request a lower-cost option from your prescriber. In most cases, though, we’ll fill your prescription with a lower-cost generic option unless your prescriber says to do otherwise.

Get started in our mobile app

Open your CenterWell Pharmacy mobile app, sign in and select Fill by photo or Enter Rx info from your dashboard. The first option lets you get a quick start on your fill by taking a photo of your medicine container or paper prescription. After that, you only have to fill out a few extra details. 

The second option works the same way as filling a new prescription on our website—and you can do it quickly anytime, anywhere.

Once you’re done entering your info, just make sure we have the right shipping address. Then tap Submit and you’re all set! We’ll take care of the rest.

What happens next

We confirm everything with your prescriber. Once your prescriber approves, we fill your prescription. Then we will ship your order, which should arrive in 10–14 business days with standard shipping. 

If you’ve requested a specialty medication, we’ll contact you to schedule your delivery date and review your treatment plan.  

Once you place your order, you can use our website or the Orders tab in the mobile app to check its status at any time. 

You can also get updates every step of the way by setting your communication preferences.

If you have more questions about how your meds get to you, read about how mail delivery works

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