Insulin savings program

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We understand insulin can be expensive, and paying for it can make it challenging to stay consistent with your insulin therapy. Humana is always looking for ways to help you save money and you may be able to with Humana’s new Insulin Savings Program, available on certain Humana plans. Learn how the program works.

How the savings work

The new Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model—which Humana calls the Insulin Savings Program—is designed to help the 3.3 million Americans who take insulin afford their medication by capping the monthly cost.¹

Under the Insulin Savings Program, eligible members* get low-cost, predictable copays (maximum $35 a month) on select insulins in the first 3 stages—deductible, initial coverage and coverage gap—of the Part D prescription drug benefit.† The coverage gap also is called the donut hole.

The program is included on the Humana Premier Rx Plan™ and many of Humana’s Medicare Advantage prescription drug plans. While the maximum copay is $35 a month, some plans feature copays as low as $0 a month. Visit your Summary of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage for each plan to find specific copays. You can find Humana’s insulin list for 2021 here.

Save more with CenterWell Pharmacy

If you’re an eligible Humana member, you may be able to save money while staying safe at home by ordering your insulin through CenterWell Pharmacy®.

Your insulin will cost a maximum of $80 for a 90-day supply with the Humana Premier Rx Plan and a maximum of $95 for a 90-day supply with a Medicare Advantage prescription drug plan.

Some plans offer free diabetic testing supplies such as lancets, meters and test strips through CenterWell Pharmacy. If you order your insulin and diabetic testing supplies with us, they’ll be delivered safely and securely with free standard shipping to the location of your choice.

Consider signing up for CenterWell Pharmacy using your Humana username and password, or sign in to your account to get started.


“Part D Senior Savings Model,” Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, last accessed January 27, 2021.

*Eligibility for the Insulin Savings Program is dependent on the member’s select insulin usage and enrollment in a Humana plan that participates in the Insulin Savings Program. Not all Humana plans participate in the Insulin Savings Program. Members who receive prescription drug assistance through Medicare’s Extra Help program are not eligible. Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNPs) and group Medicare plans are not eligible. Part B drugs, including those administered via an insulin pump, are not eligible for the reduced Insulin Savings Program copay.

†The Insulin Savings Program does not extend into the catastrophic phase of the Part D benefit. During the catastrophic phase, most select insulins will be less than $35 copay for a 30-day supply, but in some cases may be more, depending on the particular insulin and quantity.

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