happy couple enjoying their over-the-counter benefit happy couple enjoying their over-the-counter benefit

Find your pain relief supplies

If your Humana plan includes an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance, you can use it to get aspirin, ibuprofen, topical pain relievers and more.

How to order your OTC products


One of the fastest ways to order. Once you’re signed in, you can easily shop all our products in the OTC store.
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A fast, easy and convenient way to order. Shop OTC products whenever and wherever you’d like with the CenterWell Pharmacy® mobile app.

Mail or Fax

You can download the OTC Health and Wellness Products catalog here. When you’re ready, fill out the order form on pages 3 and 4 and mail them to:

CenterWell Pharmacy
P.O Box 1197
Cincinnati, OH 45201-1197

or fax them to:


How do I use the OTC allowance?

1. See if your Humana plan offers an OTC allowance

If your plan includes the OTC benefit allowance, you’ll see an OTC credit in the top-right corner of the page when you sign in. This is the amount you can spend in one month or quarter

Depending on your plan, your allowance may expire at the end of each month or quarter or roll over to the next month or quarter through the end of your plan year.

2. Order your OTC products in a few easy steps

Ordering online in the OTC store or shopping in the CenterWell Pharmacy Mobile app is the fastest way to buy OTC products.

3. Enjoy free shipping on every order

Once your order is processed, your items will ship and should arrive in 10–14 days.

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How do I keep track of my OTC credit allowance?

We’ll keep track of it for you! When you sign in, your OTC allowance will appear in the top-right corner of the page. If you place an order, this amount will update automatically when that order has processed.


What if my order total is more than my OTC allowance?

We’ll charge the remaining balance (including sales tax) to your default credit card. If you don’t have a credit card on file, we may remove products to bring your total at or below your remaining OTC allowance. If we need to remove products from an order, the remaining items covered by your allowance will still ship.