Zahid Javaid, Pharm.D.

Focus: Geriatrics | Years in pharmacy: 18

Zahid Javaid is a board certified geriatric pharmacist who loves helping elderly patients stay healthy and independent. He’s been in the field for 18 years, nine of which have been spent at CenterWell Pharmacy®.



Passionate about his work, Javaid’s interest in healthcare was reinforced as a biology major at the University of Cincinnati. While earning his degree, he discovered he wanted to use his knowledge to help older adults.

After completing a Masters Degree in Biology, Javaid felt a deep need to help patient’s directly, so he spent 4 years earning his Pharm.D. (doctorate in pharmacy) from the same university.

Past work

Javaid completed his pharmacy practice residency at The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. He worked closely with elderly patients in various settings, including hospitals and long-term care facilities.

During this time, he realized he had a special talent for working with this population, especially those who wanted more detailed information about their medications.

“Elderly patients often have complex medical needs. They may be taking multiple medications and have difficulty understanding how to take them safely. I enjoy helping them figure this out in a simple way that makes sense.”

– Zahid Javaid

Awards and recognition

Outside of earning his Pharm.D. and obtaining an optional board certification in geriatrics, Javaid won multiple awards in his career. He also completed a 1-year hospital residency to receive more training with the goal of providing better patient care. Before working as a pharmacist, Javaid published several articles during his time as a biologist.

Personal life

Beyond clinical work, Javaid enjoys spending time with family, volunteering at health fairs and watching sports. Basketball is the most popular in his household, as Javaid spent time coaching and playing the game himself. When not on the court, he proudly cheers his four children on from the stands with his wife.