How can extreme temperatures affect my medications during shipping?

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We know that taking your medication is one of the most important steps to achieve your best health. So it’s important to us that every prescription you receive from CenterWell Pharmacy® is handled with care, ensuring that extreme changes in temperature don’t have an impact on your medicine’s effectiveness.

Medications in tablet form are generally not affected by large swings in seasonal temperatures. However, a small group of medications such as insulin require special handling and refrigeration to maintain their temperature. And gel caps and suppositories can break down with extreme heat. CenterWell Pharmacy takes several steps to ensure extreme temperatures won’t put your medication at risk.

CenterWell Pharmacy monitors which drugs are temperature-sensitive

Our systems keep track of every medication that is sensitive to extreme temperatures. Whenever your medicine is ready to ship, we check to see if it requires special handling and plan accordingly to get your medicine to you within its acceptable temperature range.

From our pharmacy to your doorstep, we’re watching the weather

When drugs are heat-sensitive, we monitor the weather your medication will experience on its journey from our pharmacy to your home, using sophisticated weather tracking technology for shipping. We can see when forecasted temperatures will be at extremes so we can take extra precautions to ensure your prescription will arrive in the same quality condition.

Extra steps to maintain your medicine’s temperature – at no additional cost to you

When heat-sensitive drugs need special protection, we use coolers and ice packs to maintain your medication’s temperature during delivery. Our technology ensures your medication stays within required temperature ranges during shipment, even when the temperatures are exceptionally hot. Any prescriptions that require cold temperature handling will be sent to you using an expedited delivery service, making sure we can get your medications to your door quickly.

Ensuring the safety and security of your medicine

Your orders from CenterWell Pharmacy will arrive in plain packaging for your privacy. 2 CenterWell pharmacists review each new prescription for possible drug-to-drug interactions, plus prescription bottles are heat-sealed with tamper-resistant foil for added security.

Our expert pharmacists are here to help

We take every precaution to make sure your medication arrives at your home in the same quality condition as when it leaves our pharmacy. If you have questions or concerns about your medication, please don’t hesitate to contact us to speak with one of our licensed pharmacists.

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