Aida Zvekic, RPh

Focus: Ambulatory care | Years in pharmacy: 25

Aida Zvekic is a consultative pharmacist within the clinical services department of CenterWell Pharmacy®. She dedicated her career to helping patients understand how to take their medications correctly and educating members at Humana Neighborhood Center® events.

Aida Zvekic headshot


Zvekic earned her pharmacy degree from the University of Cincinnati. While studying, she honed her communication and critical thinking skills and natural teaching ability, realizing she was tailor-made to work in an outpatient setting. She then pursued higher education and became certified in ambulatory care by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties.

Past work

Zvekic is now in her tenth year with CenterWell Pharmacy. Before joining the team, she worked at Express Scripts, Meijer and Walgreens. Patients would ask her about side effects, alternative treatments and finding lower-cost options. To this day, Zvekic prides herself on giving patients a clear resolution to treat their condition without stressing the finances.

“I make it a point to help patients understand their options. For instance, if they need to be budget-cautious, I make sure they know about mixed pens with insulin and incretin mimetics, which are more affordable and just as effective as name-brand drugs thanks to the Insulin Savings Act.”

– Aida Zvekic

Awards and recognition

Zvekic received plenty of notoriety from her peers throughout her career. For example, she earned multiple star awards, an internal accolade for employees who excel at their position. She was also given the Humana president’s award for exemplifying the organization’s values of being caring, curious and committed to all her responsibilities as a professional pharmacist.

Personal life

A social person by nature, Zvekic loves to cook and host company in her spare time. However, whenever she needs to recharge, she enjoys putting her green thumb to good use by working on her garden.