How to transfer prescriptions to CenterWell Pharmacy

Transferring prescription on phone

Transferring a prescription to a different pharmacy may seem complicated, but CenterWell® makes it easy.

When you transfer prescriptions to our mail-delivery pharmacy, you’ll save time and a trip to the store. And thanks to automatic refills and real-time order tracking, it’s never been easier to manage all of your medications in 1 place. Plus, we may even be able to help you save money.

We offer 2 easy ways to transfer your prescriptions to CenterWell Pharmacy®.

Transfer prescriptions online

First, activate your account or sign in Then:

  1. Look for your Account to-do list.
  2. Select the Transfers tab.
  3. Select View eligible prescriptions.
  4. Choose the prescriptions you’d like to transfer.
  5. Check out!

From there, we’ll reach out to your prescriber to start your transfer.

Note: If you don’t see a Transfers tab, that means we can’t find any eligible prescriptions in your Humana claims. Read on to find out why a prescription might not be eligible.

If you want a different view, you can also go to the Transfer Rx page. Once you’ve given us permission to show your prescriptions, select the check box next to each prescription you’d like to transfer.

If you don’t see any prescriptions you can transfer, or you want to transfer a prescription before your Humana plan starts, just fill a new prescription.

Transfer prescriptions using our mobile app

Transferring works a little differently in the CenterWell Pharmacy mobile app, but it’s just as easy. Once you open the app:

  1. Sign in and select Transfer a prescription on your dashboard.
  2. Take photos of your Rx label or medicine container.
  3. Add your prescriber’s name and phone number.
  4. Select Submit and you’re done!

From there, we’ll reach out to your prescriber to start your transfer.

Tip: If you don’t want to sign in, you can select Transfer Rx as guest as soon as you open the app. You’ll just have to enter a little more information to complete your transfer—like your name, phone number and shipping address.

Don’t have our app yet? Download the app for iOS or Android (not available in Spanish).

Why we might not be able to transfer prescriptions

If you give us permission to check your claims for prescriptions and the medicine you’re looking to transfer doesn’t appear, there could be a few reasons why.

Some prescriptions may not be included on the Humana Drug List or covered by your Humana plan. Other prescriptions, like controlled substances, can’t be transferred because state and federal laws don’t allow them to be refilled.

If you want to transfer a controlled substance, you’ll need to ask your prescriber to send a new prescription directly to CenterWell Pharmacy.

What happens after you request a transfer

Once your prescriber gives the go-ahead on your prescription, we’ll fill your order, check it for safety and accuracy, and ship it to the address you’ve provided.

Your order should arrive in 7–10 business days. You’ll be able to track your order every step of the way. You can download our app and track your transfers on the go, too.

If you’d also like to get text alerts or emails with updates on your orders, you can tell us how to contact you at any time.

And if you have any issues or questions along the way, you can always chat with us. We’re available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Eastern time.

Ready to get started?

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