How to track orders from CenterWell Pharmacy

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At CenterWell Pharmacy®, we make it easy to follow your order along every step of its journey. To do this, we offer real-time order tracking—updates that tell you exactly where your order is and whether there’s anything special you need to know. We also offer several ways to track your orders.

Want to check an order right now? Sign in to track orders

Otherwise, read on to learn how order tracking works and what to do if an order is delayed or canceled.

Starting with a request vs. an order

When you place an order with us, your journey starts 1 of 2 ways. When you start a new prescription, your order begins as a request that we send to your prescriber. Once we receive your prescription, the request becomes an order that arrives in 10–14 days. 

When you order a refill or over-the-counter items, you skip the request stage, and we start working on your order right away. These orders arrive in 7–10 days. 

Once an order ships, there are 4 simple ways to check the status.

Track on our website 

Sign in to see current orders right on your homepage. Select an order to learn more, and View all orders to go to your Orders page. Here, you’ll see where your orders are in the process.

If you want to skip signing in, visit our homepage, scroll down and select Check order status.

Track in our mobile app 

Simply sign into the app. If you have active orders, you’ll see them right on your dashboard. Select Track my package to learn more about an order or select Orders at the bottom of the screen to see all your orders. 

Note that our mobile app is not available in Spanish.

Track by email 

Once your order ships, we’ll send you at least 3 emails—when your order is on the way, when it’s about to arrive, and when it’s been delivered. In each email, you’ll see a Check your order status button that you can select to see more information about your order.

You might see more emails from us if your order is delayed, if you asked us to send your order somewhere else or a signature was required and you weren’t there to sign for your package.

Track by text 

First, you’ll need to turn on text alerts in your account settings or in the mobile app.

You can also sign up for delivery alerts without signing in! Just visit our order tracking page. To get there, Check an order status on our homepage or select Check your order status in an order update email. 

Note that our text message services are not available in Spanish.

Why delays and cancelations happen

Most orders ship without a hitch, but if there’s a delay, we’ll call or email you to let you know there’s a problem we need your help to fix. 

Your order might get delayed if:

Your order might get canceled if:

  • Your prescriber doesn’t send your prescription within 7 days
  • You don’t update an expired or declined payment method
  • You reject the cost because it’s higher than your copay limit
  • Your prescription drug plan doesn’t cover your medication
  • You’re trying to refill a controlled substance
  • Your prescriber canceled your prescription

What to do if an order is canceled

If there’s an issue with your prescription, your best bet is to contact your prescriber. 

Please make sure your prescriber knows they need to send your prescription to us within 7 days after you request it. If your prescription needs prior authorization, ask your prescriber to contact us. If your medication has a high cost or isn’t covered, try speaking with your prescriber about lower cost or covered alternatives.

If there’s an issue with your account, we’re here to help. 

Sign in or use our mobile app to fix order issues, find answers to questions or live chat with a real human. You can also call 800-379-0092 (TTY: 711), Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 11 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., Eastern time. 


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