Real-time order tracking for CenterWell Pharmacy

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At CenterWell Pharmacy®, we know when you order medications from us, you want detailed tracking information to prepare for your upcoming delivery. So, we’re happy to announce our new real-time CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page. This new page allows you to follow your order along its journey—from us to you.

Keep reading to learn more about the CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page.

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What’s new with order tracking? 

When you place an order with CenterWell Pharmacy, it’s still business as usual. What’s new is how you track your orders on CenterWell Pharmacy digital channels (email, mobile app, text and web). Before, you could only see if your order shipped. Now you can see where your order is after it's left our facility and is on the way to you.

This is a sample Humana Pharmacy order tracking page for mail-delivery orders.

*This is a sample CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page.

Tracking your orders

There are 4 easy ways to track your orders with CenterWell Pharmacy. You can use, the mobile app, email or text message. Let us show you how.

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First, sign in to your account and select “My Orders” from the top navigation bar.

select my orders on the top navigation

This will take you to the “My Orders” page. Here, you’ll find your current and past orders with CenterWell Pharmacy.

 my orders page

Next, find your order number and check your order status. If your order status is anything but shipped, you won’t be able track your package yet. But don’t worry—this happens if your order is still processing, delayed or we need something from you. Whatever the reason, we’ll work with you to ensure you receive your order. Learn more about order status messaging.

 select track package to view tracking info

Finally, select the “Track package” button to access the CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page. You can also use the unsecure (no sign in required) order tracking tool to reach this page. All you need is your order number and date of birth. 

Mobile app 

To track an order via the CenterWell Pharmacy mobile app, sign in to the app with your MyHumana username and password. Next, select the “Orders” icon from the bottom navigation bar and tap an order to view details. Then, select “Track your order” to reach the CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page. Please note: The order tracking page opens in your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari), not the mobile app. Note that our mobile app is not available in Spanish.


We’ll send you at least 3 emails once your order ships. 

  • When it’s on the way (shipment confirmation)
  • When it will arrive (delivery anticipation)
  • When it’s delivered (delivered)

Each email has tracking information to keep you updated on the status of your order. To track an order via email, select the tracking link in your order status email. This will take you to the CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page. 

Please note: You may receive more emails from us if: 

  • Delivery of your order is delayed
  • The carrier reported potential damage to your package
  • You requested your order to be re-routed
  • The carrier attempted delivery but missed you


To track an order via text (SMS) message, you’ll need to first sign up for delivery alerts on the CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page. Next, select the order tracking link found on, on the mobile app or in the order status emails. And, enter your cell phone number and select “Sign up” to enroll in text delivery alerts for your order.

At this time, you’ll need to sign up for text delivery alerts each time a new order ships from CenterWell Pharmacy. However, soon you’ll be able to sign up once and receive text delivery alerts for all orders with us.

Note that our text message services are not available in Spanish.

Tracking made simple

We hope you enjoy the new CenterWell Pharmacy order tracking page and find it easier to track and manage your mail-deliveries from CenterWell Pharmacy. You can learn more about order tracking in our frequently asked questions (FAQs). 

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