How to read your order status messages

Reading order status message

To make life a little bit easier, we’ve updated our order status messages to make it clearer where your prescription order is in the fulfillment process.

Starting a new prescription

You can’t have an order status to track without ordering a prescription. To get a new prescription started, you’ll have to make a “request” for CenterWell Pharmacy® to obtain the prescription from your healthcare provider. A request is not the same thing as an order. A request is the preparation stage to create an order. During this time, we contact your healthcare provider to request the prescription, and once we receive the prescription, the request then becomes an order. Once it’s an order, you can expect the prescription to arrive in 7–10 days. Note: specialty medication may take longer.


Now that you have a prescription with us, we want to make sure you’re getting refills when needed. This part is easy. Refill orders are immediately processed on request and will arrive within 3–5 days. Those who do not have Medicare can also set up automatic refills and skip the refill order request altogether. Note: due to CMS regulations, Medicare customers are not eligible for automatic refills.

What’s happening with your order?

You can start tracking your order by going to the “My Orders” page found in the main navigation bar of your personal account dashboard. From there, you’ll see a list of your requests and orders and what stage they’re in. You can also filter the list by status to see which prescription is in which category of the order status. The status categories include:

Open: Your order is in the process of being filled. 

On hold: If we need more information to process your order, you’ll see an “Action required” message. 

Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled.

Shipped: Your order has been shipped and you should receive it soon. 

To follow where an individual prescription is in the order process, go to “My Orders” and find your medication and select "View details."

Processing: Your order has been received. If this is a new order, we'll contact your doctor to confirm. 

Rx review: Our pharmacists are reviewing your prescription and talking with your doctor to verify. 

Processing payment: We have received your payment and are completing the transaction. 

Finalizing: Our pharmacists are double checking the prescription for accuracy and safety. 

Shipped: Order has been verified, filled, and shipped.

Do you have an order to track? Go ahead and track your order or sign in to start a new prescription

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