Introducing CenterWell Pharmacy and CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy

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Humana Pharmacy® and Humana Specialty Pharmacy® are now CenterWell Pharmacy® and CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy®. We’re still a proud member of the Humana family. You do not need to take any additional action, and you’ll continue to receive your medications on time. 

Our promise is to improve your pharmacy care 

We’ve kept the things you loved about Humana Pharmacy and Humana Specialty Pharmacy.  

• Your dedicated pharmacy team will stay the same.

• You’ll continue to have 4 easy ways to order your medications—by phone, text, mobile app or in your online account. 

• Your over-the-counter (OTC) balances will stay the same. 

• You’ll still have access to more than 600 pharmacists if you have questions about your medications.

• Our Customer Care department number and business hours will stay the same for your convenience.

Improving your pharmacy care

We’ll provide the same great service as Humana Pharmacy—with more dedicated care for you. Here’s how we’ll do it with CenterWell Pharmacy and CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy.  

CenterWell Pharmacy

We’ve created a new experience that makes setting up and managing your online account even easier. If you’re a new user, we’ll guide you through questions to help our pharmacy team get to know you better—in just a few steps. You’ll be asked how you want to be contacted about orders, whether you’re allergic to any medications, and a few other questions that will help us give you the best experience. If you’re a new or returning user and want to change your answers later, no problem. It’ll be quick and easy to make changes in your account. 

We’ll also continue improving our online order tracking so you can easily follow your order from our door to yours. Plus, we made exciting improvements to the CenterWell Pharmacy mobile app. You’ll be able to quickly fill a new prescription using your phone or tablet. 

CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy

If you order specialty medications from us, you’ll still have access to dedicated support. You can expect the quality care you’re used to from the comfort of your home. 

We’ll also keep advocating for cost savings whenever possible. Our financial specialists look for grants and programs that may lower the price of your prescriptions. 

Our Centers of Excellence program will continue to offer extra support to patients with certain health conditions. We work with healthcare providers to help you manage every aspect of treatment, and we assign 1 care coordinator to oversee all the details. We currently have 3 Centers of Excellence—Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Pulmonary—and we plan to open more in the future.

Still have questions about our name change? 

CenterWell Pharmacy and CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy will be here to support you on your journey to your best health—now and in the future. We invite you to visit our FAQs page to learn more about our new name and what you can expect from CenterWell Pharmacy and CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy.

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