Meet Ahmed! A CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist

Ahmed, a CenterWell Specialty pharmacy pharmacist

Ahmed wears multiple hats in his role as a specialty pharmacist with CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy®. He’s both an oncology pharmacist with the CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy Cancer Center of Excellence and a staff mail operation pharmacist.

During his 5 years at CenterWell Specialty Pharmacy, Ahmed has come to realize the vital role he and his fellow specialty pharmacists play in their customers’ cancer treatment journeys. Since he was young, Ahmed has had a passion for community development and helping people in general. As a student, chemistry and biology were his favorite subjects, which is what led him to apply to pharmacy school. Working as a pharmacist allowed him to utilize his academic strengths to find his ultimate passion: building meaningful connections with customers to help them work toward getting better. His work with the Cancer Center of Excellence allows Ahmed to pursue this passion.

As a member of this resource team, Ahmed counsels cancer patients when they start a new oral oncology medication and provides them with the resources they need to help them fight cancer. This includes a discussion of treatment goals, proper administration of medicines, duration of treatment, essential storage information, common side effects and special precautions about the medicines that his customers take.

Ahmed also performs a cancer-specific assessment to evaluate customers’ current health. In addition, he creates and updates an electronic health record, which includes a medication history and current treatment plan.

“Speaking with the patients and their loved ones has confirmed my belief in the vital role of the pharmacist in the treatment journey,” Ahmed said. “The connection that I build and the time we dedicate are always valued and appreciated by our members and their caregivers. The Cancer Center of Excellence supports the patient’s treatment journey, not only by filling their prescription but also by providing them with the resources they need in their cancer fight.”

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