Meet Jessica! A CenterWell Pharmacy consultative pharmacist

Jessica, a CenterWell Pharmacy consultative pharmacist

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Drawing from her 9 years of experience in the field, Jessica loves to help customers solve problems. In fact, her passion for helping others is what led her to work in healthcare. She says, “I love helping people make informed decisions about their health so they can live longer, happier lives.”

As a consultative pharmacist, Jessica answers clinical questions patients may have about their meds. For example, patients may ask Jessica what their medication is used for and how their medicine works. They also may ask her if there are drug interactions with their meds or if lower-cost or covered alternatives exist. She’s always happy to help!

She adds, “The healthcare field can be complicated, and many patients are unfamiliar with the language or process in which things have to go through. When patients contact me, I do my best to make things as easy as possible for them! I may help find a different drug option that’s covered and go the extra mile by reaching out to their physician to ask for a new prescription.”

When asked the most rewarding part of her job, Jessica answers, with a smile, “I’m able to find resolutions to issues my patients face, whether simple or complex. I enjoy being able to positively impact their health and their lives.”

For Jessica, it’s not all work and no play. In her free time, she likes exploring various food options and hunting for new restaurants and dishes. She has a lot in common with her cat, Petey, in this respect—both are total foodies!

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