Meet Linzee! A CenterWell Pharmacy clinical programs pharmacist

Meet Linzee, a CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist

Linzee is a clinical programs pharmacist who has worked at CenterWell Pharmacy® for 2 years. In this role, Linzee works 1-on-1 with patients to discuss their medications and chronic disease(s). She says, “I check to see how their medications are working for them, and look for any drug interactions or safety concerns.” Linzee also answers questions about over-the-counter (OTC) meds and tries to give patients a deeper understanding of their health.

Like many in her field, Linzee chose to work in healthcare to advocate for patient health and educate customers on medications. Going one step further, Linzee brings added value to her customers by creating a personal medication list they can reference, and always checks to see if customers are experiencing any side effects.

The most rewarding part? “The personal connection,” Linzee says. “Bringing joy to people who may be lonely and helping them remember that people out there care about them and their health.”

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