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Meet Diane, a Humana Pharmacy Pharmacist

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Our pharmacists take pride in delivering excellence—providing safe, affordable pharmacy care to the people we serve every day. And, by checking your prescriptions for possible drug interactions and recommending alternatives, our pharmacists can help you achieve your best health outcomes.

Meet our featured pharmacist: Diane

Diane (Midwestern University College of Pharmacy, 13 years of experience) is one of our expert pharmacists. Diane has 2 passions—one is helping people live their best lives. The other is listening and reacting to the beat of drums. In fact, Diane believes her drum skills make her a great pharmacist. She says, “I think a pharmacist needs to be approachable, knowledgeable, empathetic, supportive and a great listener. I try to be all those things for every customer I serve.” She adds, “I enjoy hearing feedback from our customers and incorporating their needs into how I work.”

Humana Pharmacy Pharmacist, Diane

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