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Aldwin, a CenterWell Pharmacy Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist
Learn how Aldwin, an experienced pharmacist, addresses patient concerns to provide a better experience for all CenterWell Pharmacy customers.

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Rebecca Gayle, CenterWell Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacist
CenterWell Pharmacy clinical pharmacist Rebecca Gayle shares how statin medications can improve heart health and protect against heart attack and stroke.
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Still not sure a COVID-19 vaccine is right for you? Stefanie, your CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist, shares the facts on COVID-19 vaccine safety to help you make the best decision for your health.
A man working with a physical therapists to find pain relief
Melissa, one of your CenterWell Pharmacy clinical pharmacists, discusses the different types of pain you may experience and shares how it can be treated with and without medication
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Relief is possible for chronic diabetic nerve pain. Learn how from CenterWell Pharmacy screening pharmacist Debra Droopad.
Meet Debbie, a CenterWell Pharmacy pharmacist
Learn how Debbie, a long-time pharmacist, clarifies issues with customers’ prescriptions by calling prescribers’ offices.